Leaflet Distribution who’s the best in Ireland

leaflet distribution

Leaflet Distribution , Direct Mailing mixed with Online Marketing is a big buzz in 2017 after recent Royal Mail Research in the UK in late 2016.  Most big company’s with a marketing budget are starting to engage in offline advertising and turning back to direct mailings again.

Due to the large volume of leaflet’s these company’s send out and lets face it as they are our biggest customers it’s important for us as marketing agency’s to hire the best vendor for leaflet distribution in Dublin or nationwide.

After researching the market and running multiple campaign’s with other providers we came across City Marketing a Dublin based firm that offers leaflet delivery nationwide.


leaflet distribution dublin

We met the owner “Tom O’Connor” and in fairness he jumped through hoops to meet our crazy tight deadline. He engaged with us and and such a insight into how the offline marketing would have an immediate measurable effect. We had no had such an experience with other vendors.

The Tracking system City Marketing provided to us was pretty insane they actually gave us a link and a login to watch their staff deliver every leaflet, we could see them walking up to doors in real time using the City Marketing software “letterbox check”. This was really impressive.

The experiences we had before meeting City Marketing had no been great. I think however City Marketing are not just a leaflet delivery company they are innovators who believe in the offline mix and getting it back into people’s marketing budgets.

We are delighted to recommend City Marketing for leaflet distribution for all your big clients.

They really look after agencies well.  I feel they have opened up another powerful tool to us to really help our clients.