Our SEO Process. In order to deliver you the best possible results we have to listen a lot!

Listening: Every customer we work on goes through this process. Firstly, we listen to you, and then we listen some more, we need to fully understand what you want from your campaign. A lot of the time customers feel the seo process side of digital marketing is a blackbox and they dont know what the agency is doing.  With Rocket we understand you need to be in control and aware of the actives taking place around your brand.

We will examine the competition a lot, when you are with Rocket Media we will fight for you to assure you are the very best online in your industry. Looking at what your competitors are doing is very important so we can do it better!

Things change quickly in this business its like a came of chess we also have to predict what your competitors might be planning for the future. The better we understand your business, your competitors, and your objectives, the better our insights will be. Good insights lead to good ideas.

Creating: Once a creative brief is agreed upon, we get our team working on the project. We believe in testing everything we produce before going live, whether it’s a piece of print design, an App, or a website. Marketing: Once finalized, we can recommend the best ways to promote and advertise your project, putting you ahead of the competition.